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Join the fastest growing collaboration platform and experience truly seamless and secure meetings.
  • Full end-to-end encryption for all features
  • 100% open source, no backdoors.
  • A single tool for messaging, voice & video conferencing, screen & file sharing

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Unrivalled security

Independently audited, 100% open-source and no backdoors. Wire’s source code is publicly available for full transparency.
Every message is encrypted separately so your communications stay secure no matter if you are on on a protected network or on public WiFi.

Increase productivity, save costs

One single tool for all of your collaboration needs. Messaging, voice & video conferencing, screen & file sharing, and much more. Available on all major platforms and devices.
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Privacy by design

With Swiss headquarters and servers in the EU, Wire adheres to the strictest data protection laws and is fully compliant with GDPR and CCPA.

Meeting the requirements of GDPR and CCPA for your company – because all communication is end-to-end encrypted, none of your shared data can be read by Wire or anyone else.

Efficiency for everyone

Wire is easy-to-use, user-friendly and lets you work from anywhere. Easily switch between platforms and devices for all your internal and external communications.
Even when using our unique guest rooms, rest assured – Wire provides the same level of usability and security for everyone.
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