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Messaging Layer Security (MLS) 

Expanding on the Odds of a Bad Bet report, which establishes the risks organizations face dealing with cybersecurity, global industry leaders are building a groundbreaking new security standard – Messaging Layer Security (MLS) – to counter unfavorable odds and win the bet against cyber threats.

Contributing Organizations behind Messaging Layer Security

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"We believe that in the next decade, decisions about the use of enterprise messaging platforms will be driven by increasing awareness of issues around privacy and security" 

– Alan Duric, CTO and Co-Founder of Wire

Until now, only a few enterprise options offered end-to-end encryption. Enter Wire and Messaging Layer Security (MLS), a new protocol designed to firm up the security of enterprise messaging platforms by employing end-to-end encryption within group communication.

MLS has the potential to facilitate secure collaboration between a wide group of people, and is therefore vital in enterprise scenarios. Because of these groundbreaking features, MLS is poised to become the industry standard in enterprise collaboration.

Wire's Head of Security, Raphael Robert, is an internationally renowned security expert, having spoken at Black Hat USA, Eurocrypt, and DefCamp and is the co-author of the Messaging Layer Security (MLS) IETF protocol draft. 

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Alan Duric joins State of Identity to discuss his incredible personal history of innovation in real-time communications platforms, identity's central role in secure messaging, and how to balance the demands for robust encryption with a simple user experience.

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Deep dive into MLS and learn about the latest developments at the forefront of the industry.